• p-Aminobenzenesulfonamide

Article No. 06175 Grade AR
Purity 99% CAS No. 63-74-1
Molecular Formula C6H8N2O2S Molecular Weight 172.20
H.S. Code 2935.0090 Shelf Life 5 Years
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Revision Date : 30-Dec-2014


Appearance White to off white crystals or powder
Assay (on dried material) Min 99%
IR spectrum Conforms to structure
Acid insoluble impurities Passes test
Alkali insoluble impurities Passes test
Melting range 163-166°C
Sulphate (SO4) Max 0.02%
Chloride (Cl) Max 0.01%
Heavy metals (as Pb) Max 0.002%
Loss on drying (105 °C) Max 0.5%
Sulphated ash Max 0.1%