• o-Phenanthroline hydrochloride monohydrate

Article No. 05161 Grade AR
Purity 99.5% CAS No. 18851-33-7
Molecular Formula C12H9ClN2.H2O Molecular Weight 234.69
H.S. Code 2933.9990 Shelf Life 5 Years
Reagent for colorimetric determination or iron.
Water soluble


Safety Information and Hazard Symbols

Skull and Crossbones Environment
Symbol: GHS06, GHS09
Signal Word: Danger
UN No.: 2811
IMCO Class No.: 6.1
Packing Group: III
Hazardous Statement: H301-H410
Precaution Statement: P273-P301 + P310-P501


00005 5 g Request for price
00025 25 g Request for price
Revision Date : 12-May-2015


Appearance White to off white powder
Assay (by acidimetry) Min 99.5%
Substances insoluble in water Passes test
Water 7 - 8.5%
Sulphated ash Max 0.2%
Suitability as indicator Passes test
Sensitivity test for iron (II) Passes test