• Basic Orange 14, Euchrysine, N,N,N',N'-Tetramethylacridine-3,6-diamine

Article No. 00590 Grade For Microscopical Staining
Purity CAS No. 10127-02-3
Molecular Formula C17H20Cl3N3Zn Molecular Weight 438.09
H.S. Code 3204.1300 Shelf Life 5 Years
C.I.No.46005 Riboneucleic acid stain -Acridine orange (AO) is a nucleic acid selective fluorescent cationic dye useful for cell cycle determination. It is cell-permeable, and interacts with DNA and RNA by intercalation or electrostatic attractions.It is also useful as a non-specific stain for backlighting conventionally stained cells on the surface of a solid sample of tissue (fluorescence backlighted staining)


Safety Information and Hazard Symbols

Exclamation Mark
Symbol: GHS07
Signal Word: Warning
Hazardous Statement: H302-H319
Precaution Statement: P305 + P351 + P338


00010 10 g Request for price
00025 25 g Request for price
Revision Date : 21-May-2014


Appearance Dark brown colored powder
Absorption maxima (50% ethanol) 489 - 493 nm
Absorptivity (1% 1 cm,λ max. 50 ethanol) Min 950
Loss on drying (at 110°C) Max 5%