• Propanone; Dimethyl Ketone

Article No. 00014 Grade Electronic
Purity 99.5% CAS No. 67-64-1
Molecular Formula (CH3)2CO Molecular Weight 58.08
H.S. Code 2914.1100 Shelf Life 5 Years
Zinc (Zn) Max 100 ppb
Particulate count max 10 particles /ml (1.0 micron)


Safety Information and Hazard Symbols

Flame Exclamation Mark
Symbol: GHS02, GHS07
Signal Word: Danger
UN No.: 1090
IMCO Class No.: 3
Packing Group: II
Hazardous Statement: H225-H319-H336
Precaution Statement: P210-P261-P305 + P351 + P338


00500 500 ml Request for price
02500 2500 ml Request for price
02500 2500 ml Request for price
02500 2500 ml Request for price
Revision Date : 22-Dec-2013


Appearance Clear colorless liquid with characteristic odor
Assay Min 99.5%
Acidity Max 0.3 meq/g
Solubility in water To pass test
Colour (APHA) Max 10.0
Alkalinity Max 0.5 meq/g
Water Max 0.5%
Residue after evaporation Max 5ppm
Chloride (Cl) Max 200 ppb
Phosphate (PO4) Max 100 ppb
Arsenic & Antimony(as As) Max 10ppb
Aluminium (Al) Max 100ppb
Boron (B) Max 100ppb
Calcium (Ca) Max 100ppb
Chromium (Cr) Max 100ppb
Copper (Cu) Max 100ppb
Gold (Au) Max 100ppb
Iron (Fe) Max 100ppb
Lead (Pb) Max 100ppb
Magnesium (Mg) Max 100ppb
Manganese (Mn) Max 100ppb
Nickel (Ni) Max 100ppb
Potassium (K) Max 100ppb
Sodium (Na) Max 100ppb
Tin (Tn) Max 100ppb
Titanium (Ti) Max 100ppb