Hazard Symbols

EU GHS Regulation
Exemplary Hazard Class/Categories Signal
Hazard Pictogram Description
Explosives, divisions 1.1-1.3
Explosives, division 1.4
  Danger Warning     Unstable explosives Explosives of Divisions 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 Self reactive substances and mixtures, Types A,B Organic peroxides, Types A,B
Flammable liquids, cat. 1, 2
Flammable liquids, cat.3
  Danger Warning     Flammable gases, category 1 Flammable aerosols, categories 1,2 Flammable liquids, categories 1,2,3 Flammable solids, categories 1,2 Self-reactive substances and mixtures, Types B,C,D,E,F Pyrophoric liquids, category 1 Pyrophoric solids, category 1 Self-heating substances and mixtures, categories 1,2 Substances and mixtures, which in contact with water, emit flammable gases, categories 1,2,3 Organic peroxides, Types B,C,D,E,F
Oxidising liquids, cat. 1, 2
Oxidising liquids, cat. 3
  Danger Warning     Oxidizing gases, category 1 Oxidizing liquids, categories 1,2,3
Gases under pressure,
compressed gases
  Warning     Gases under pressure: - Compressed gases - Liquefied gases - Refrigerated liquefied gases - Dissolved gases
Skin corrosion, cat. 1A, 1B, 1C
Corrosive to metals, cat. 1
  Danger Warning     Corrosive to metals, category 1 Skin corrosion, categories 1A,1B,1C Serious eye damage, category 1
Acute toxicity, cat. 1,2,3   Danger     Acute toxicity (oral, dermal, inhalation), categories 1,2,3
Acute toxicity, cat. 4
Skin irritation, cat. 2
  Warning Warning     Acute toxicity (oral, dermal, inhalation), category 4 Skin irritation, category 2 Eye irritation, category 2 Skin sensitisation, category 1 Specific Target Organ Toxicity - Single exposure, category 3
Carcinogenicity, cat. 1A, 1B
Carcinogenicity, cat. 2
  Danger Warning     Respiratory sensitization, category 1 Germ cell mutagenicity, categories 1A,1B,2 Carcinogenicity, categories 1A,1B,2 Reproductive toxicity, categories 1A,1B,2 Specific Target Organ Toxicity - Single exposure, categories 1,2 Specific Target Organ Toxicity - Repeated exposure, categories 1,2 Aspiration Hazard, category 1
Hazardous to the aquatic
environment, cat. 1
  Warning     Hazardous to the aquatic environment - Acute hazard, category1 - Chronic hazard, categories 1,2
Hazardous for the ozone layer   Danger   No Pictogram