Lallemand Yeast

Scientific OEM introduces Lallemand /Danstar premium yeast to India.
Danstar, Lalvin, and Lallemand premium brewing yeast is manufactured from pure brewing yeast strains using the most advanced techniques available, resulting in a range of products of unmatched purity, performance and ease of use. Every batch of yeast is subjected to stringent testing throughout its rated life, assuring consistent results time after time.

The Lallemand Brewing R&D team focuses on production and performanceimprovement and works closely with many reknown breweries, universities and institutions. Lallemand Yeast is currently used in HUNDRERDS of breweries in Britain, USA, JAPAN, South America and several other countries.

If you are looking for yeast strains that will cover a wide variety of beer styles and brewing conditions, we have the right products for you.

Lallemand Premium Yeast